Saturday, May 15, 2010

Beautiful Day of Sunshine

Yes it was a beautiful Saturday in the Pacific NW and the day just keeps on going. After doing all the chores and cooking dinner we had an iced coffee and sat by our new campfire we purchased to take with us on the road in the motor home. It's a cute little thing and so portable. The top comes off and inside is gas logs. You just hook it up to your propane tank and fire it up. Instant fire.

Now since we had the coffee and are not tired we are watching Sherlock Holmes. Okay, so I'm writing and watching. It is pretty action packed. If you haven't seen it yet then I do recommend renting it.

I did find some time today to start a new necklace. My customer wanted something made out of leather with moonstone, jade and some venetian glass beads. Well the moonstone wouldn't fit over the leather so I came up with a different solution. What do you think?

I made a wrapped loop with wire through the moonstone on each side and then slipped the leather through each loop. I think I will have to make more like this.

1 comment:

  1. It looks beautiful....another happy customer. :D



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