Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Have I Done?

I was reading a friends blog today (thank you very much Megan) and she mentioned sending out newsletters to her clients. I had been thinking about sending out a newsletter monthly but have been too busy (lazy) to put my list together. So, today was as good a day as any to get started. I used MailChimp which she had suggested and it was pretty simple. Of course, once I built my small list of clients and students and sent out my newsletter I then had to figure out how to get a link on my blog and web site, which led to me updating my web site and adding more stuff, and so on and so on. I'm sure you know how it goes, you get started on one project and it explodes into a slew of other projects.

So, all I need now is people to sign up for my newsletter. See form on the right hand column of this blog. (hint)

Do any of you send out newsletters to clients? What do you use it for and how often?

So, if you want to check out Megan's blog here is a link to Casto Creations.


  1. bwa ha ha ha ha Glad to see I was a bad influence. hee hee =) Isn't Mail Chimp easy though? I mean, I'm still too stupid to figure out some of the basics, but it's way easier than other systems. =) And if you're okay with paying for my e-mail address I'd love to sign up...but won't if you'd rather save the $. lol

  2. Ms. Megan, Sign up, I would love to send it to you or don't and I'll just send it to you anyway...LOL

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. that I see this same message from Claudia I'm deleting her comment from my blog. She's clearly simply spamming wherever she can. Very uncool.

  5. Thanks Megan, I deleted it also. Not sure where they link was pointed, but didn't want to click it and find out.



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