Saturday, January 23, 2010

Taking Photos

I've been practicing my skills at taking photos today. This is a new pair of earrings not yet listed for sale. The ear wires are hand formed and the ends filed for comfort. The 3 small crystals are a smokey grey color, not sure what their actual color name is at the moment. I've always wanted to take professional looking photos of my jewelry but really haven't spent much time at it but I am feeling better about this. I think the blue background is a little much and may have to change it to something less bright, but the black didn't do the earrings justice.

Tell me what you think and any pointers you can send my way on my picture taking madness.

In other news, I was reading a blog yesterday and it was all about creating your own brochure/catalog on-line. I've thought about it but never really had the time to devote to the research and figured it would be cost prohibitive. I was wrong. There is an on-line tool that will help you create that magazine/newsletter/catalog, etc and it is called Issuu. So I spent last night until the wee hours looking into it and watching their tutorial videos. It was quite interesting so I uploaded one of my newsletters that I write for our local gem and mineral club and viola an on-line version of that newsletter was created.

I think everybody should give this a try. As soon as I master those pictures, I see an on-line catalog in my future. Woo Hoo.

Have a great weekend everyone.
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  1. Thanks for the Issuu tip, Dana. I took a look at it and am very impressed with everything that can be published with it. Looks pretty easy to use, too, which means it's just perfect for me!



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