Friday, August 21, 2009

Relaxed at Last

It's been a hectic Summer. I thought that once I wasn't working I would have loads more time to get the house organized and cleaned, make new jewelry designs, blog more, take care of my mother-in-laws needs, market my book and be able to have dinner ready each night when my husband got home from work. I was definitely naive. I still have high hopes to getting things accomplished and will start to make a list so that I have something that I can check off as complete.

This week has been one of the longest weeks this Summer. We buried my mother in law and then moved all her belongings out of the Assisted Living Facility back to her house. Ordered new appliances for her house so that we can start renovations. Now we get to have a little fun with the grandkids until Sunday so we are trying to make memories. We were going to go to the beach but rainy cool days in Tacoma does not make for a sunny coast, so we are finding things to do around here. New video game, special meals, and hopefully a trip into Seattle tomorrow to go to the Experience Music Project and a gem tree workshop. It has been pizza, ice cream sundays and now movie marathons today.

The picture is of the G-kids on Wednesday afternoon after moving furniture. Funny how they are so serene when they are sleeping. Now we get to relax with them and have fun. It's nice to not have to do anything for a change.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your MIL. Your sleeping G-kids reminds me I have to have some shuteye now!



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