Thursday, August 20, 2009

Featured Artist - Scrapples

I love featuring different artists each week and this week's artist is from my home state, Washington. Scrapples has a 1000 Market shop and also sells through other venues such as Farmers Markets in the Summer months. They sell handmade one of a kind items such as purses, wire jewelry, vest, shrugs, rugs, barbie clothes, baby items and much more.

What was your inspiration for getting started with Scrapples? I love crafting and trying anything new. when I started scrapples I had lots of scrap items and did not want to waste them so I would make things with the scraps and give them to family and friends then I started getting requests from friends to make custom items to purchase, so there is the story behind scrapples.

How did you choose or hear about 1000 Markets to start selling? I was searching the internet for an online store that was a little different and ran across 1000 markets, I thought this would be a good way to showcase Scrapples and share what I was making.

Do you have any other personal or business information that folks might find interesting about you or your business? Growing up we used to go camping my dad would find large fallen trees and start craving a huge tiki out of it and leave it there for all to enjoy. He was a magician for 60 yrs and invented a lot of trick props for other magicians. He also played music and made instruments. He tried every craft he could get his hands on. Very creative man.

My mother taught me to sew, knit,crochet, cook and draw. So being from a creative family it is in my blood. My list of hobbies and accomplishments are long.

I really enjoy what I do and I am glad there is a place on the web to share Scrapples.

Here is the link to Scrapples web site on 1000 Markets. Check them out and find some very unique gift ideas or something for yourself.

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