Friday, January 20, 2012

Tough Week

Last week was a tough week with DH home trying to recover from surgery. By Wednesday we knew it wasn't going well and so on Friday the 13th we took him to the emergency room. Of course they admitted him, stuck tubes in him everywhere along with needles and sent him to ICU where he has been ever since. He wasn't eating at home and they aren't feeding him in the hospital either but they did start a feeding tube .... thank heavens even though he hates it. He's lost quite a bit of weight and doesn't have much energy but they have another CT scan scheduled in the morning and hopefully it will show great improvement with all the antibiotics they've been pushing in him.

With traveling back and forth to Seattle to the hospital it has finally decided to be Winter and snow, snow, snow. I probably won't make it back up there for a couple of days but at least I made it today. Since I'm planning on being snowed in for a couple of days I did make it to Joanne Fabric and bought some more flannel for another rag quilt. I should have the first once completed tomorrow and I'll post photos then.

Update 1/20: I really never finished this post and now I'm back to it. When I started writing it was Monday and now it is Friday again. DH was admitted to the hospital one week ago. Things were progressing until Monday night when he had a Pulmonary Embolism. Thank heavens his nurse was with him right when it happened and they got him on oxygen right away and started the blood thinners. So, needless to say this has been a very stressful week with all the procedures and doctors milling around trying to do everything in their power to get the blood clots dissolved. While he was in such critical condition I stayed at the hospital with him but came home last night in all the snow and ice. That was a fun drive... yea right.

I did get out and take a few photos of the downed limbs of our trees and some other pictures this morning that were just pretty so that I could show DH when he gets out of the hospital.

The Dogwood Tree

Porch Rail (downed limb in the distance)

Backyard Broken Tree

The trees are still just covered in ice but the temperature is finally rising and most of it should be melted off the trees by later today.

I do have to thank everyone for their prayers and healing energy that was sent DH's way. It is so appreciated.

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  1. Hi Dana,

    It's so good to hear that you husband is on the mend and will be home. That will be such a relief for both you and him...

    By the way, I even heard about the snow in the Seattle region on the news here in Germany. They showed videos of people snowboarding along the streets. Wow! We recently had quite some snow, too, but now it has all been washed away. However, it's said to snow again tonight. I am NOT looking forward to all that snow-shoveling...

    Greetings from Germany,



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