Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What's Up With These Bags?

Today I made a bunch of these little bags. It seems that every time I make some I end up making a ton. These are special bags which I can't tell you why as some people may be reading this blog and I really want it to be a surprise. Oh wait, if I wanted it to be a surprise I shouldn't have posted it right? Probably, but I wanted to post it anyway.

All of the fabric I used commemorate an upcoming holiday. Can you guess which one? Man, was it that obvious. Well hopefully the receivers will like them.

This week is just flying by. We have our contractor here to finish up some of the remodeling and handyman fix it jobs this week and boy is the varnish to the wood floor making my sinuses act up. I'm glad I took the dogs to grandpas house for the day. I can just imagine little doggie varnish footprints all over the house....not going to happen let alone what the fumes would do to their sensitive noses. There is only three places where he put varnish on the floors today but that's enough to smell up the whole house. I did open the windows and doors and turn off the heater...yes, I did say heater and yes, I do know it is June but it is still chilly here. I'm not sure Spring is going to come let alone Summer.

Well time to put a sweatshirt on and plan dinner. Humm, eating out is sounding like a really good idea.


  1. Hi Dana, i am sure whom ever is being surprised will abso love them. psssss stop over i am giving away a bloggy thank-you you won't be disappointed! take care ttfn L:)



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