Saturday, October 09, 2010

Recycling Trash into Treasure???

I've run across some great ideas for recycling used old items into usable items again and then there are those that really should just go in the trash. I'm all for recycling but really, do we need to use an old yogurt container for a vase. Do you not have a vase you can use for those beautiful flowers from your garden or hubby? I just think somethings go to the tacky side. Recycling clothing is a great idea as well as any textile, leather, or paper book/magazine but when you use real trash that has held food, that verges on the yuk factor.

Here is a great web site that has all kinds of recycling and green living ideas as well as tons of tutorials and e-books. If you like to crochet and knit, they have it there as well as sewing and kids crafts.

I do have another tutorial that I'll be writing up this weekend and hopefully will get it published by Monday for you. I call it the Swirl Chain and can be made into a necklace or bracelet. Fun, fun to make especially if you like to hammer and make some noise or just get your frustrations out on something other than the dog or hubby.

I belong to a art charm group on Yahoo and we are just completing our first charm swap. So much fun making these little dangles that can go on a bracelet or a charm necklace. There were 31 of us so we each made 31 charms. I can't imagine all the different charm dangles I'll be receiving. Here is a picture of what I created and sent.

If you want to join in on the fun in learning some new techniques...I think we will be soldering, making paper beads, resin, etc, then head on over to this Yahoo group and take a look.

The group is run by Peggy Krzyzewski and Chris Hansen authors of the book "Making Mixed Media Art Charms and Jewelry". The book has some great ideas. Here is the link to the book on  

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