Sunday, October 03, 2010

Life Does Get Busy

I never thought that I would be able to keep so busy and not work. If it isn't one thing than it is another. Well this week was no exception. We don't really have planned days but take things as they come. I do no shopping on the weekends anymore as the stores are just packed with people trying to get in and out and in a mad rush to get everything done on their list in a short weekend time frame, so we shop during the week. The one thing we did do this week was get new phones. I've been wanting a new phone for awhile and when they came out with the Android with a 3G mobile hot spot that was the thing we had been waiting for. It is perfect, when traveling we can still check e-mail or my on-line stores on my netbook via my cool is that. I know you are probably saying that this has been around forever, but I am just now catching up. So, now you want to know which of the Droid phones I got...well it was the new Samsung Fascinate by Verizon. I love this phone and they had a special going on in September to buy this phone and get another phone free, so hubby got the Droid X and so far he is loving it too.

Needless to say we have been playing and learning all the new apps with our phones all week which has taken up quite a bit of time now that I think about it. Hubby is now excited to find bar coding. I find him in the kitchen scanning items from the pantry and marveling at how it enters all the information in his phone. Now he has found another type of bar code that looks like a square and he set one up that has all my info in it. I guess I'll be putting it out here and on my web site soon. So, if you have a smartphone that does bar scanning you'll be able to scan my code and have all my contact and web site info. Technology is a wonder sometimes.

I have been playing with jewelry and yesterday was so much fun as a friend of mine wants an Emerald necklace with a twist. She wants vintage chain and lots of it along with a strand of Emeralds mixed in. So, I got to play by digging out all my vintage jewelry and boy did I find a lot. I never realized there was so much stuff there that I could remake. I'm sure you now know where this is going.....maybe a new line of jewelry from Dana's Jewelry Design...LOL. Here are a few of pictures of what I was playing around with. I haven't taken any of them apart yet as I was having a hard time deciding...maybe I just have too many options.

Have a great rest of your weekend and I'll post the final product when we have all the elements narrowed down.

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