Sunday, December 20, 2009

Holiday Treats

Well the past several days I have been baking. Yes I did cheat a bit...okay a whole lot but you would never know it if I threw away the Betty Crocker cookie box on my counter.  My hubby decided that this would be a great way to make my baking life easier and yes it is and the cookies do taste good. I made the Russian Tea Cakes and the Frosted Thumbprint cookies from this box and no one knew...that is the best part. I still have lots more to do but I still have several days left of baking.

This is my messy counter in all it's sweet glory.

So my treats this year consist of Chocolate covered prezels with Heath Toffee bits and mixed nuts, Russian Tea Cakes, Gingersnaps, Frosted Thumbprint cookies and Peppermint bark. I still have some mint brownies to do and maybe more Gingersnaps as that is all that is left from taking a pile to my mothers tonight for dinner. You got to love Betty Crocker.

Hopefully everyone had a great weekend. Cheers and look forward to some photos of my paintings tomorrow.   Dana


  1. The goodies all look delicious!

  2. Yummo! Those chocolate sticks looks scrumptious!



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