Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Featured Artist - Prideaux Prints

Okay, we are now officially back from vacation, have picked up the dogs from the sitter and bought groceries. Now to tackle the mounds of laundry from the trip. Sometimes I think there is more work to be done when you get home from a vacation than getting ready for vacation.

Today I will be promoting a friend of mine. She is a photographer and has traveled extensively. Donna just opened a shop on 1000 Markets, one of my favorite handmade sites, and I would like everyone to check out some of her work. She'll be posting more photos later this week, but here is one titled Small Town USA. It's one of my favorites.

Check out her shop Prideaux Prints HERE.

Donna indicates that photography is her passion. Her photos capture the beauty of her lovely home state of Oregon and many of the other states and countries she has visited. She also enjoyed the romance of Italy, particularly Venice; and hopes you enjoy it too.

I hope everyone is having a great week. Enjoy!

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