Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Barrel Wine Tasting

My family and I are planning our annual ritual of attending the Spring Barrel Tasting in the Tri-Cities this month April. One of the fun things we do to prepare is to decorate our wine glasses. As part of the fee to taste wine at some of Washington’s top wineries is a wine glass. In the past we have used puffy paint to write our name on the glass and add other decoration as well as add rhinestones and stickers. This year I am thinking about wine glass charms that has their picture on one side.

I am now struggling with do I take the paint, stickers and rhinestones and let them decorate their glass along with the charm or just leave it at the charm. Last year the stickers and paint made quite a splash at the winery’s we went to as everyone wanted to know where we found such unusual glasses. It also helped us find our glass as we set it down and then promptly forgot were we put it as we painted our name on the glass. This sometimes happens after a couple glasses of wine….LOL. If you live in the WA State area and are interested in attending the tasting, here is the link to the web site. If you come and see a group of crazy family members with painted and sparkly wine glasses, most likely that is us.

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