Monday, March 30, 2009

Paper Cuts

Our City Arts magazine featured local artist Nikki McClure in their January 2009 issue. Nikki is a self taught artist making calendars and illustrating children’s books for ten years. Her art is in using an X-Acto knife and paper, cutting images of everyday life. Nikki indicates in the interview that "My work is very much based in reality. I’m not one to draw my dreams or anything. Its kinda nature porn." I find inspiration in some of the simple images of trees, leaves and children. Art is everywhere and in all communities we only have to look for it. Find your inspiration and absorb art.

If you would like to read about Nikki and her rise from punk performer with Nirvana to artist and book illustrator, please visit her web site. I find the simple images reassuring.
My friend, we will call her J..., just loves crows and Nikki's work reminds me of her. This one's for you...caw. caw..

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