Friday, October 06, 2006

Web Development Kinks

Well if I thought coming back from vacation and getting started on the web project was busy, I didn't have any idea what would hit me when I went back to work. Working full time and running a jewelry business is a bit much, but I love what I do.

The web project got even more difficult when my developers informed me that they forgot to have me get a SSL certificate...okay no problem, but when I checked out my server host, they wanted a ton of money and they wouldn't use a 3rd party vendor. Needless to say we are now working through the moving of my site to a new host (cheaper than the other one) and will be able to get a SSL much cheaper from GoDaddy.

My husband has started working out the kinks on the stuff I posted to the test site...lucky him and I'm just wanting to get back in the craft room and create more jewelry. I have designs and ideas just floating around in my head that I want to do something with.

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