Sunday, October 01, 2006

Getting the Web site ready

I know that everyone seems to be really busy these days, but my husband and I usually have a very long list of things we need or want to do. Have you ever just wanted a night where you could just pop in a movie and relax? I want that night.

We did just get back from a weeks vacation visiting relatives in St. Louis and Savannah, but visiting relatives just doesn't count as a vacation to me. It was a lot of traveling from our home state of Washington. We did however get to see folks that we haven't seen in a couple of years including our grandson who is 4 now.

Prior to vacation, I hired a web design group to develop a web site for my jewelry designs. They came highly recommended by a friend of mine who also designs and sells jewelry. Within just a few weeks the site was up on a development server and now we are busily taking pictures and posting them along with gathering all the other information that needs to be completed prior to its release. Our release date is October 14th...we shall see if we make it. If you want to check it out after the 14th the address is Once all of the site information has been updated, maybe I can get back to designing jewelry.

The piece pictured here was made using moonstone and carnelian. It has a front closure with tassel and a handmade lampwork bead made by me.

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