Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend Show

This weekend DH and I are demonstrating at the West Seattle Gem & Mineral Show. This is our first show of the year and I prepped for days getting everything ready. I never know how much to take or what to take to certain shows. Since this is more of a rockhound type show I wanted to take more gems and minerals but didn't know what I would demo. DH is demo'ing gem trees so I decided to do wire work, even packed my torch and soldering supplies just in case I wanted to get a little bit fancy.

Well we were so busy I didn't get a chance to get the torch going but did have fun playing with my wire. Here are a couple of different pieces. Sorry picture is a bit blurry as I used the camera in my phone.

Hand formed copper bangle with Sari silk and then wrapped with more copper wire and a few danglies of crystal. I love this look and it is so comfortable to wear.

I had in my mind to create some sort of book mark so I did this long swirly piece of copper and tied some silk at the bottom.. didn't like it so I wrapped the silk back up the copper piece and wrapped it with more wire. Much better. It works to insert your book page through the swirl to mark your place. I think I'll try a different style tomorrow that has the dangle off the edge of the book.

We sold lots of gem trees so DH will be frantically making more tomorrow as we have another show (NW Federation Show) in the Tri-Cities area of WA next month.

These are my wonderful buttons I received from Christine for the Button Swap. I'll be using a couple of these in an upcoming jewelry design and I think one of them is going on one of my art journals... fun fun. Don't you just love that tree (upside down) button? Right up my alley don't you think.

Well, it's going to be another busy day tomorrow at the show. If you live in Western Washington or are in the area come check out the West Seattle Gem and Mineral Show. Here is the link:

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