Friday, November 18, 2011

Tangling with Zentangles

Okay, so now you are wondering what that title is all about, well Zentangles is a drawing art form and has a growing following. If you are a doodler then you are probably doing a form of zentangles and didn't even know it. Rick and Maria, the zen masters of this art form explain it as a method of creating beautiful images by repetitive patterns. There's lots of information on Zentangles out on the web but if you want to check out the official site, just go to

So why am I talking about this now? Well I found a Zentangle instructor, Laura Harms who is celebrating her 200k hit mark and giving away 3 prizes of zentangle goodness. The prize packs are great and would make a wonderful gift for the holiday season to get someone started or for something special for you. Here is the link to her celebration post, just leave her a comment and you'll be entered.

Now I bet you are wondering what a Zentangle looks like, well here are a few of mine that I have done on ATC size paper. I'm not very good but hey you don't have to be good to tangle.

There are a lot of books out on the market to help you create the patterns. The one I have is called Totally Tangled by Sandy Steen Bartholomew.

I haven't done any tangles in awhile but I always keep my book, pen and paper handy.

So, what have I been doing, well making Christmas gifts. Here is a sneak peak..... no looking family members.

Since I know I can't trust my family members to not look, I won't say who they are for but I've crocheted several scarfs, made a jacket and aprons. I still have lots to do but I at least have a good start. 

If you are interested in crocheted items, here is a link to a quick and easy scarf.

The apron is a McCalls pattern and is really easy. Here is the link to the pattern but you can also find it at any fabric store that carries patterns.

The crocheted hat is one I found on-line and is also super easy to make. Lion Brand Yarn lists several on their site as well as the one I used. It is call the Blue Tweed Hat.

I have a couple of other things I'm working on such as the scarf pins (still need to do that tutorial) and some coasters. Okay, so now would be a good time for those family members that have special requests to send me an e-mail or give me a call otherwise I can't be held responsible for what you will get.


  1. Anonymous9:24 AM

    I have been making Christmas gifts too, as our family declared this a Handmade Holiday. Everyone, has to make at least one handmade gift. Yours look wonderful. I have posted some of mine on my blog too, but written about them as if they aren't for family members. Hee-Hee. Have a great Thanksgiving. :-)

  2. Thanks, Dana. The cuffs look really nice and warm.



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