Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Make and Takes?

Okay, I have a show coming up first weekend in November and I want to do something a little more interesting so I thought about having a Make and Take. Has anyone tried this and are they usually free or do you charge a little for them to cover the supplies? Here are some ideas I was trying out.

First is the wire wrapped beaded cocktail spoon. The spoons you can get for around $1.00 and then it is just adding some 20 gauge wire and beads, so not a lot of cost. The second is a wire pendant. Using copper in 14 gauge wire, I made a few curvy bends with a loop at the top and bottom then added a large gemstone as a drop. The real cost here was the stone as not much wire was used so about the same cost as the spoon but I could use cheaper stones. The third option is the key fob. The corks I have a ton of so no cost there, just the copper hardware, some 14 gauge copper wire and a few beads. I already had the copper washers but I could probably get the silver metal tone ones at the hardware store cheaper.

Which would you be more inclined to sit down and make? Any other ideas? I would love to have your opinion. Oh and thanks goes out to my good friend Glenda for the beaded spoon idea.


  1. I like them all, but I'd be most inclines to make the wire pendant.

  2. Hi Dana,

    I love the spoon and would be inclined to charge a bit for that class. But the cork is a great M&T. Be sure to give them some time to look around your booth and fall in love with something ;) What about selling the spoons? With the holidays coming up people are looking for inexpensive gift items and hostess gifts. Maybe price them individually with a break for a set of 6? And if you can come up with a gift-able package that would increase the attraction. JMO.

  3. Dana, Your blog and work are marvelous. Here is my opinion. The spoons are great. Put some ready made for sale, and offer some not made for sale with a MI & TI class. 2. Sell the stones, and inclue the wire and MI & TI class.
    3. The key chain offer a class for $1 literally or $2 and you furnish materials. This will help defray some costs on wire etc.

  4. I like the cork idea. Everyone has a key ring of some sort or can be used as a zipper pull. This is the most unique idea of the 3 and most useful. This is the class I would take!

  5. I like them all. How about wire wrapping the cork as well, like you did with the spoon. I really like the pendant, and would be inclined to do that, however, if the cork was wire wrapped, I might be swayed to do that instead.

  6. I, too, like them all, but would probably do the key fob just because that is so different. I have seen make and takes both ways, pay or no pay and they seem busy either way. I do like when they post a schedule of when the do it instead of waiting in lines.

  7. I really like the key chain as a Make and Take, and think charging. $ 1-2 would be a good range and would make people be fine with paying. I love the spoon but wonder how long that would take to make, some people like quick ones. I would definitely charge for that one. If you did a little schedule you could actually maybe do two of the items. Sounds fucn!

  8. Linda from art charms group6:56 PM

    The cork idea is really clever. Most people should be able to make it with little guidance. I would really like to do this M & T myself. I would think if you charge 1 or 2 dollars you will have people lining up!



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