Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a Fun Day

If you are looking for the Bead Soup Party post, click HERE.

Well I had a wonderful visit with a friend of mine from Chicago. She flew in to teach at the Art & Soul retreat in Portland this week. Since I won't be around for it, I was able to pick her up at the airport, have lunch and visit with her for a few hours.

I think we are getting closer to being ready to go on our trip but do you ever feel you are completely ready and packed? I still have to check my kindle and make sure I have enough reading material, some games are packed such as the farkle dice and playing cards so I think the relaxing times are covered. Hubby did try to lift one bag tonight and I think it will weigh out over 50 lbs.... cr@p. Okay, so now that plan is to redistribute the weight between the two bags. Maybe I'll move all the shoes to the lighter bag. Good thing we are taking two big bags versus our usual one large and one medium.

Our leave you tonight with a picture of Buddy our spaniel mix dog. He tends to guard toys, bones and in this case a pig ear.

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  1. Buddy is darling! He reminds me a lot of my late, beloved Jasper, the canine love of my life. He was a Cocker/Golden mix who looked very much like Buddy and also loved pig ears. He was afraid of toys but he enjoyed those pig ears a lot. He's been gone since 2007 but will never be forgotten. Thanks for reminding me how much my boy loved pig ears. ;-))



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