Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Oh, What to do Now!

I think I have created a monster. Yes, that is me. Being off work (forced retirement) has it's advantages and disadvantages. The best for me is being able to make jewelry, gem trees and sew whenever I want. Now you are probably wondering what is the disadvantage about that....well one of the obvious is less money to buy the supplies needed to make all those wonderful things and the other is that I am terribly disorganized and tend to work on my little projects and not my special orders. I'm also accumulating things faster than I am selling them.

The one new thing is my purses. I've made three now and learned something new on each one, so none of them are of a standard I would sell, but maybe the next one, hence the accumulation. I also have way too many ideas for projects that I just can't get to and have found myself working on several all in the same day and not finishing any of them. Okay, I finished a purse yesterday but I have gem trees to make and still don't have all of them finished.

When I was working I was able to focus on what was important (like special orders) get those completed and then work on my little projects. Now I get up in the morning and feel that I have all the time in the world (no job to go to) and sometimes just putter the day away doing my little projects. LOL, I think I need to focus. Maybe start a list each morning of those things I really need to accomplish (like laundry today and gem trees) and tackle those first and then if I have time left over, work on my other projects.

If you have any ideas, please let me know, other than go back to work that is.

BTW, my March newsletter is out and in it is a coupon to purchase my book "Gem Tree Sculptures" for $10.00 vs. $17.99. This offer is only good until 4/1/10, so sign up today (right hand column) and I'll send you the newsletter with the coupon in it.


  1. Anonymous5:36 AM

    I find that a monday morning staff meeting (even tho it is only me) helps me to keep on track and stay motivated to get to important things all week!

  2. You'll work it all out. I had to laugh at this post because it sounds like me when I "retired" from my "real job" two years ago to do our ranch and my fiber business full time. I felt like a dog chasing my own tail for days (okay, make that weeks) until I got into a routine, started writing down things that needed to get done and prioritized things a bit. I use 3x5 note cards to write down things I need to get done each day and have a card for things that need to get done some time during the week. It feels so good to put a X in the boxes as I get things done.



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