Thursday, November 03, 2011

Falling Leaves Bracelet

I haven't written a tutorial in quite a while and thought it was about time. I just love these little leaf charms and wanted to make a bracelet so here it is.

Don't you just love the Fall colors. I made this one with Copper wire but you could use Gold, silver or bronze and it would be fantastic.

Supplies Needed:
· 20 Gauge copper wire (soft)
· Various crystals or Fall colored gemstones
· Head pins
· Open jump rings
· Premade Copper Chain Bracelet
· Round nose pliers
· Ruler
· Wire Cutters
· Chain nose pliers
· Jewelry Hammer
· Stainless Steel block or anvil
· Wine cork to use as template

1. Gather all your materials.
2. Cut several lengths of wire to 4 1/2” depending upon how many charms you want on your bracelet.
3. Wrap one wire around the cork or 3/4” dowel leaving one end shorter and twist tightly.
4. Remove the wire from the cork.
5. Cut the short end off.
6. Make a wrapped loop with the other wire.
7. Shape your loop into an oval.
8. Using your round nose pliers twist towards the center of the loop twice on each side to form the leaf.
9. Harden the leaf on the stainless steel block with your hammer.
10. Add beads/crystals/gemstones to headpins and make a wrapped loop.
11. Add 3 dangles beads with your leaf to an open jump ring.
12. Attach jump ring to bracelet.
13. Finished bracelet has a total of 9 leaf charms.

I wore this bracelet out tonight as we went to the Museum of Flight in Seattle and it was very comfortable and lightweight. Hopefully I'll have a few pictures to share with you of the museum tomorrow but until then enjoy the tutorial.


  1. Lovely bracelet, and great idea! Thanks for the tutorial! : )

  2. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing.



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